Problems conceiving after dnc?

I had a miscarriage last year and a dnc a few months ago. We have not had Any trouble getting pregnant just unviable pregnancies. Since my dnc I have had trouble. I worry I wont be able to get pregnant. I know it takes a while for cycles to become regular, but I am normally like clockwork every 25-26 days. I am 29 days past lmp. Yesterday I swear I saw a very faint line and rushed to the md to find blood work neg. with a BFN today on HPT. I am trying not to stress out. Has anyone had any problems after dnc, and how long after did it take u to concieve? I know I should wait a week and test again if my Af doesnt come and all that.
By the way my husband has daughters and I have a daughter and he wants a son more then anything. We found out after the dnc that it was male and genetically normal. SO the loss has been a little harder to take.

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